Prisoners of Geography Summary Notes – Chapter 1 Russia


Prisoners of Geography is a book by Tim Marshall that depicts the impact of geography on the international affairs of the country. The book has 10 chapters. In this post, I have summarised and made notes on the first chapter of Russia.

Geopolitics of Russia

Geopolitics of Russia

“I have no way to defend my borders but to extend them.”

Catherine the Great

  1. Wherever you are in the world, there is Russia to the north, south, west, and east.
  2. Everything in Russia is vast – its forests, lakes, rivers, steppe, taiga, frozen tundra, and mountains all are vast.
  3. Russia has 11 time zones
  4. The bear is the symbol of the nation. Bear is also called Medved – the one who likes honey.

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Prisoners of Geography – 10 Maps that tell you everything you need to know about global politics (link to book)