[UPSC Topper] Kanishak Kataria (AIR 1/ UPSC-CSE-2018) Mathematics Optional, Strategy, Booklist, Mark-sheet and Tips


Hey aspirants here in this post you will know everything about Kanishak Kataria (AIR 1/ UPSC-CSE-2018). You will know booklist, age, family, marks, optional and strategy of Kanishak Kataria. Already we have discussed same for Junaid Ahmad.

Candidate Profile 

NameKanishka Kataria
Rank in CSE-2018AIR 1
Roll No.1133664
Age26 Years
Marital Status/ GirlfriendsUnmarried / Mentioned about GF in Interview 
SchoolingKota, Rajasthan
Total attempts in CSE (including this one)2
Optional SubjectMathematics
Schooling MediumEnglish
College MediumEnglish
Medium chosen for Mains answersEnglish
Medium chosen for InterviewEnglish
Home town/cityJaipur, Rajasthan, India
Work-experience if anySamsung Electronics in South Korea
Details of other competitive exams, including success/failures
Details of coaching, mock tests, postal material for any competitive exam (if used)Vajiram —> Excellent teaching pathetic administrationVisionIAS —> Mains test seriesKSG for mocks


Education Details of Kanishak Kataria

Educationfill the details here
% in class 1094
% in class 1296
Graduation course and %B. Tech Computer Science and Engineering
Name of college, city, passing out yearIIT Bombay (2010-2014)
Hobbies & Extracurricular achievementsWatching Cricket, Football and Tennis


  • Home: Jaipur, Rajasthan 
  • Schooling: Kota, Rajasthan 
  • Graduation: B.Tech in Computer Science from IIT Bombay – 2014 Batch 
  • Work experience: Sept 2014 – Feb 2016: Samsung Electronics, South Korea 
  • March 2016 – May 2017: Two Roads Technological Solutions, Bangalore 

General Tips For UPSC Preparation

  • Most important need to sustain motivation for atleast 1.5 year 
  • Go through detailed syllabus and Pattern of examination 
  • Look at Past Year Questions for better understanding of what UPSC “demands” 
  • See few blogs/videos by qualified aspirants to understand the basic challenges; 
  • Note: not necessary to follow what they did 
  • Identify your likes/dislikes, strengths/weaknesses it will help in strategising and optional selection

WATCH: Kanishak Kataria Booklist for Prelims and Mains

Click on image to watch the video.


Prelims (CSAT) Paper-1: General studies

Ancient IndiaJain sir class notes, NCERT few chapters, test series
Medieval IndiaCost benefit ratio very low. Only test series.
Modern Indian History (Freedom Struggle)Parmar sir class notes, NCERT, Spectrum
Art and CultureClass notes + Test series
Polity (Static + Current)
  • NCERT XI Constitution at Work
  • Vajiram and Ravi Class NotesLaxmikant
Economy (Static + Current)
  • NCERT – XII Macroeconomics
  • Vajiram classnotes Vibhas Sir, Samyak Sir, Kapuria Sir, Sanghi Sir
  • Sriram booklet (not end to end but topic wise)
  • Economic Survey – Part II
  • Internet – Investopedia, Arthapedia, Vikaspedia etc.
Science (Static + Current)
  • Vajiram classnotes
  • Internet reading
Environment (Static + Current)
  • NCERT Biology XII – last 4 chapters
  • Vaishali Ma’am class notes
  • Self notes using Internet
  • Shankar IAS Environment Book- selected chapters
Physical Geography
  • NCERT XI. Internet – pmfias
  • Rajtanil Mam lectures
  • Vajiram classnotes Shivarpit Sir, Manocha Sir, Amit Sir
Indian Geography
  • Internet – pmfias
  • Vajiram classnotes Shivarpit Sir, Manocha Sir, Amit Sir
Geography of the World
  • NCERTs – XI, XII
  • Self Map work
International EventsPT 365s Internet
Schemes, Policy & Other Gaps
  • Daily newspaper without fail
  • IYB: only class notes from Vajiram
  • No time for MagazinesNo Monthly compilations
  • Schemes: Newspapers + Vision PTs

General Studies (Mains) Paper 1 Booklist

TopicSource/ Booklist
CultureOnly class notes + Test series learning ▸ Didn’t have enough time to focus on it
Indian HistoryNCERT (old), Spectrum, Class notes
World HistoryClass notes, NCERT 9th and 10th, Few topics from Vision supplementary material
Post-independence IndiaClass notes + 12th Polity NCERT
Indian SocietyClass notes, Sociology NCERT 12th, Vision Mains 365
Role of women, poverty etc.Class notes, Sociology NCERT 12th, Vision Mains 365
Globalisation on Indian societyClass notes, Sociology NCERT 12th, Vision Mains 365
Communalism, regionalism, secularismClass notes, Sociology NCERT 12th, Vision Mains 365
World Geo Physical PhenomenaMrunal Rajtanil slides
Resource distributionMrunal slides (no videos) + Anudeep Sir’s notes (only for filling gaps)
Factors for industrial locationMrunal Rajtanil slides
Earthquake tsunami etcMrunal Rajtanil slides
Impact on flora-faunaMrunal Rajtanil slides

General studies (Mains) Paper 2 – Booklist/ Resources

Books / Resources 
Indian Polity and Constitution
  • Indian Constitution, devolution, dispute redressal etc.
  • comparing Constitution with world
  • Legislature
  • Executive – Judiciary
  • Elections – RPA 
  • Constitutional bodies – statutory bodies
  • NCERT 11th, Class notes
  • Laxmikanth, Vision Mains 365
Social Justice
  • NGO, SHG etc
  • Welfare schemes, bodies
  • Social sector, health, edu, HRD
Class notes, Vajiram materials (few topics
  • governance, transparency, accountability
  • e-governance
  • role of civil service
Class notes, Vajiram materials (few topics)
International Relations
  • India & neighbors
  • Bilateral/global grouping
  • Effect of foreign country policies on Indian interest
  • Diaspora
  • International bodies – structure mandate
Class notes, Newspapers, Selected regions from Mains 365

General studies (Mains) Paper 3 Syllabus and Booklist

Indian Economy
  • Indian economy, resource mobilisation
  • Inclusive growth
  • Government Budgeting
  • Liberalisation
  • Infrastructure
  • Investment Models
  • Macroeconomics 12th NCERT,
  • Class notes
  • Sriram Booklet (not end to end),
  • Mains 365,
  • Net: Arthpedia, Vikaspedia etc
  • Major crops, irrigation
  • Agro produce – storage, marketing
  • e-technology for famers
  • Farm subsidies, MSP
  • PDS, buffer, food security
  • Technology mission
  • Animal Rearing
  • Animal Rearing Economics
  • Food Processing
  • Land Reforms
Only class notes + Internet references
  • science-tech day to day life
  • Indian achievements in sci-tech
  • awareness in IT, space, biotech, nano, IPR
  • Class notes, Mains 365
  • Biology 12th NCERT (last 4 chapters), Mains 365, Specific topics from Shankar, Rest from Internet
Disaster Management
  • Class notes, Vision supplementary material, Test series reverse learning
Internal Security
  • non state actors, internal security
  • internal security – role of media, social networking site
  • Cyber Security and Money Laundering
  • Border Management
  • Organised crime, terrorism
  • security agencies- structure mandate
  • Class notes, Mains 365 
  • Internal Security by Ashok Kumar IPS (limited reading)



General Studies 4 Syllabus and Resources Ethics, Integrity, aptitude

Books/ Resources 
  • Ethics and Human Interface
  • Attitude, moral influence etc.
  • Civil service: integrity, impartiality, tolerance to weak etc
  • Emotional Intelligence and its use in governance
  • Moral thinkers of India and world
  • Ethics in PubAd
  • Probity in Governance 
  • Corporate Governacne
  • Citizen charter, ethics code, work culture etc.
  • Challenges of Corruption
  • Case studies
  • Class notes 
  • Filling gaps from Vajiram yellow book
  • All previous UPSC case studies
  • Point wise coverage of each syllabus keyword
  • Test series reverse learning


How to Decide Optional by Kanishak Kataria? 

Decide the subject which you like to study. It will act as a source of refreshment away from monotonous GS syllabus. See the syllabus, PYQs, talk to seniors with similar background / interests and then decide.

Most importantly, stick by the decision which you have made; don’t get swayed easily by others’ opinion.

In case of Confusion between two optional –

  • In case of any confusion between 2 optionals, try to study one of them for 7-10 days and see if you are liking it. Continue if you like it, else try the other one. But do not get stuck for more than a month. 
  • Finalise and get started with the optional asap. Aim should be to finish at least one revision before dedicated Prelims preparation.Fill any gaps you had left in optional.
  • Revise optional and make very short notes for Last minute revision.
  • Get into the rhythm of Answer Writing as you would have not done it for last 2.5-3 months. You can devote 1 hour daily.
  • Start reading newspapers again and make notes. They will help you later. Elections are over, so more relevant / non-political news will also appear. Be vigilant.
  • Those who have been making notes online or those who have slow writing speed, switch to offline note making and more writing. Get that speed up by practicing.

Source: Kanishak Kataria Telegram Channel 

Credit: Family and Friends 

When he was asked whom you would like to give credit for your success. He said that he never expected to get the 1st rank. He further said “I think my parents, sister and girlfriend for the help and moral support. People will expect me to be a good administrator and that’s exactly my intention. 

There are many persons who have helped me a lot and my flatmate who were their with me Ashish and Pratik who helped me a lot. My friends from college who have also appeared in this examination and cleared it I just followed this strategy and Akshay Gudara he cleared UPSC in 2016 he is IAS in Rajasthan. Pruthvi Tej he secured 24th rank last year. Then Namrata Singh she cleared UPSC in 2016 is in IRS custom and lastly Varun reddy he is got 7th rank in this year. Also Their are many teachersIts very Surprising moment.

He further added “You have to be smart enough to identify to pick your resources and study from it.  Smart work is pretty much required another thing which is important to be self aware about your strengths and your weaknesses. Without self awareness it becomes difficult to formulate your own strategy and stick by it because 2 years duration is the long time where you have to sustained the motivation the momentum that you can study fore enough quantity that you can clear the examination.”

Study Tips for Beginners

  1. Self reflection/ Self awareness 
  2. understanding strength and weaknesses 
  3. Don’t do what as what people guid you towards doing 
  4. Coaching is not sufficient thing for clear this exam

Kanishak Kataria Mark sheet | CSE-2018 Mark-sheet

ESSAY Paper 1)133

Youtube Video Booklist for UPSC Preparation For Prelims 2020

  • Booklist for UPSC Preparation For Prelims 2020 Kanishak Kataria UPSC Topper 2018. 
  • Download PPT –> Click Me. #upsc #ias #iastopper. 

This video will help the UPSC candidates to plan a proper strategy to start the preparation for UPSC Civil Services IAS examination.