How to Stop Wasting Time – Download This Tracker and Save Yourself


You read same book that topper is reading. You follow similar strategy and you give same test series. Still you know something is lacking, something is stopping you from achieving a success.

You are living in information surplus environment. There is no scarcity of information. Youtube, Wikipedia, Books, Google information is available where you go. But here is scarcity of time. Internet is good source of information but at the same time it is the cause of distractions.

Your phone rings and you talk for an hour with a friend, you get notification then you pick up the phone and check YouTube or instagram and scroll endlessly, someone suggests us a series and we binge watch for 6-8 hours straight. We need to understand, almost every other resource can be replenished or can be replaced but we cannot get back the time which has gone.

Bad thing is time flies but good thing is that you are the pilot. You should invest your time cautiously. Let us find out how.

How to Stop Wasting Time

You can make a weekly tracker like this. Here I have simply made a table – a day against an hour of the day. So your job is to track your hourly progress.

This is an accountability tracker. It will keep you accountable to promises that you made for yourself. You just have to write what you did against time. So you will get an idea – where are you wasting your time, what are the things that were needed to be done but you could not, what bad choices you made and where you could have saved your time.


Hourly Beep Strategy

If you want to take this one step ahead, you can try an hourly beep strategy.

You can use your smartphone for this. Set an hourly alarm and let that alarm beep once every hour. The alarm will is wake up call for you. It will keep you accountable. It will tell you to go back to the task which is necessary.

Hourly Alarm Beep Strategy

The beep will make you realise that you have strayed away from your path. This is powerful method. You can try this and share experience with this method.

If you feel you are wasting time, try this for a week, if it works, continue. I believe this can surely make a difference.

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