[Strategy] How to Read the Hindu Newspaper for UPSC CSE and IAS Preparation in Less Than 90 Minutes


Here I will tell you how to read the Hindu Newspaper for UPSC CSE and IAS Preparation. So let us begin.

Current affairs are important for Civil Services. Moreover, reading a daily newspaper is a tedious task. If you are beginner it may take more than 3 hours to finish the newspaper. So here in this post, we will try to reduce that time.

Common Mistakes Aspirants Do While Reading the Newspaper

  1. Reading end to end from first to the last page
  2. Not using UPSC mains syllabus while reading
  3. Not using previous years questions while filtering the news
  4. Not using a pen or highlighter while reading
  5. Giving more time to not so important pages like political or sports news.

So here we will rectify these mistakes-

Important Pages To Focus – the Hindu Newspaper

  1. Frontpage
  2. News + National Page
  3. Editorials + Oped Page
  4. World Page imp for international relations
  5. Business Page for economy-related news
  6. Last page for science and technology

Not So Important Pages – Articles that You Can Skip

  1. Purely political news
  2. Purely sports news (unless something technical or committee has been set up or science-related stuff)

Steps How to Read the Hindu Newspaper

  1. By heart the UPSC Mains Syllabus or stick it in front of you. Click for PDFs
  2. Take the newspaper and glance through it in 2-3 minutes. Strikeout not so important articles and tick mark imp ones. Use the syllabus to identify.
  3. Skip purely political news If there is political news where some constitutional provisions are in the news then that provisions can come in UPSC prelims. 
  4. Focus on socio-economic issues – like women related issues, then education, public health-related issues, developmental issues, poverty, urbanisation, vulnerable section, minority-related issues, focus on these type of issues.
  5. Focus on Supreme court judgements: Make note of them and use this information in mains,
  6. Avoid news like deaths, awards or sports news unless you are giving other competitive exams apart from CSE.
  7. Editorials and Oped pages are important. Use the syllabus to identify the relevant topic and summarise in your own words.

How to Make Notes for Editorials and Articles That Are Important

  1. Pick the article that you are going to read
  2. While reading underline or highlight important stuff
  3. After you finish take an A4 sheet and jot down highlighted stuff in your own words
  4. Keep that A4 sheet in respective L shape folders
  • Note #1: If you are a beginner it will take time but you will get there with practice.
  • Note #2: I have talked about L shape folders in detail in previous videos. To Watch these videos click here
    1. How to Prepare Current Affairs for UPSC Civil Services IAS Exam 
    2. How to Prepare Current Affairs and Make Notes

If you are beginner it will take time but have patience and those who will show persistence will get the reward.

Now some queries asked in the video-

Q. I don’t want to Make Notes from the Hindu and Use Monthly Magazines

A: Completely fine do what works for you.

Q. Can you Make Separate Video for Note Making from Editorial?

A: No need as of now. The same procedure is to be followed. Highlight what you think is important and then summarise in your own words.

Q. Can You Make Same Video with Indian Express?

A: No need to do that as the same procedure follows the same information and pages are there with different parts. Though in Indian Express you can read Explained section very good source for UPSC aspirant.

Feel free to ask your queries down below. And you can help each other also. Those who are senior can help out beginners in the comment section.